Viva Air suddenly suspends its operations due to financial problems

On the night of Monday, February 27, 2023, at around 10:00 p.m., Bogotá local time, Colombian Airline Viva Air, after alleged financial problems, has decided to stop its operations indefinitely until the “Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia”, (Colombia’s Civil Aviation regulator) decides to approve or show some progress in the merger request between Avianca and Viva.

Definitely some sad news for Viva employees and some “uncertainty” since many people are waiting for flights to return home, as well as many allege that an “Avianca monopoly” could occur in the country, something that would not be ideal for the free airline market competition in Colombia and overall in Latin America.

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This was Viva’s official statement on Twitter:

This is news in development…


Very sad! Didn’t know the situation in Viva Air was desperate until it was announced the possible merger with Avianca. They used to operate flights to Panama for a couple of years, but they withdrew from the country due to high airport fees (at MPPA).

They did at some point planned to return, but seeing they’re going out of business, can’t imagine what employees and customers are dealing with now. I’d have liked to see their yellow A320neos flying longer.



As for the moment, we’ll have to wait for the final verdict of Aerocivil, some other airlines like LATAM, Wingo and Aerolineas Argentinas have shown interest in buying Viva Air too, but for some strange reason, Viva only wants to merge with Avianca, let’s hope for a fair end from all of this!

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Happy endings are not always given, a small update on this news so unexpected by many, let’s hope for the best ahead…

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