Viva Air A320

Hello, today I come to show you a request for a relatively new airline, who is growing fast!
Viva Air started with 5 second hand A320’s six years ago, and now has made an expansion, flying to new cities like Miami, and others like Orlando and New York (Islip) that’ll open soon in North America. They are now receiving their order of 37 A320 NEO and 13 A320CEO aircraft, which are coming with some special and cool liveries such as the Breast Cancer Prevention airplane, and it’s own livery, which would indeed be a nice addition to the game!
Attached will be the images of these planes, please note they aren’t mine, credits to the author, Daniel Sierra, his photo can be found here HK-5273 | Airbus A320-214 | Viva Air Colombia | Daniel Sierra | JetPhotos !

Hey Jerónimo,

The Viva Air livery is very cool and as a Latino I’d support it. However, please read the Features guidelines to better understand the expected format for the category’s posts. Only one picture is enough and the proper credit.


This is a wonderful livery, and a growing airline is good. (Finally something good in the airline industry). Make sure to vote on your own topic!

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Sorry mate, fixed !