Viva Aerobus - A320 New Livery

A few years ago, the greatest budget airline of europe, Ryanair, took interest in the mexican market. When arriving, they where called “Ryanmex”. After some negotiations, they decided to team up with a bus company called “Grupo IAMSA”. As a result, Viva Aerobus was born as the first REAL low budget airline, naming Monterrey as their hub.

They started with only 2 (old) Boeing 737-300 but now they have an all Airbus A320 fleet. 22 are currently in their fleet and another 38 are coming their way. The current aircraft age average is around 4.5 years.
It is one of Mexico’s most used airlines and no doubt it will keep growing in the future.

Their livery is based on the mexican flag colors used in a “fun” way and fits very nicely the A320. I think IF is missing some more mexican content, we do have Aeromexico, some Mexicana and a little bit of Volaris, but Viva Aerobus is now a “must” when talking about mexican airlines.

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never heard of it but it lookss good


I think it’s a terrible name but quite decent livery.


Man, it’s unfortunate to say that it’s a duplicate 😕 Comprendo lo que sientes bro VivaAerobús A320 maybe you could change the title to “New Livery” to make it look different from the other one 😉


I really like the different colours on the livery!

Also, it is always advisable to give photo credits. Thank you :)

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I really like Viva! But I have to say, I prefer the NEO’s. :/

We need some mexican planes in IF (more of them, anyway.)

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Damn:/ I swear I checked before. Guess I missed it. Title change done.

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Can’t really figure out the difference between the two liveries as they look quite similar. Lol.

I love those red and green dots :)

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The other one has an old livery which had the website printed on the sides of the aircraft, this one is the new livery which is better presented and looks cleaner 😉

It’s not technically a duplicate because that should’ve been closed automatticaly months ago

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Excuse me, which post are you talking about?

Looks Italyan like that

I love it! Looks like a Christmas plane!


Yeah Indeed haha looks nice tho

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Bump We really need Mexican airlines and this would be my favourite if added voted !!! ❤️🇲🇽

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MAybe this one too? Looks pretty sexy to me 😏

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Not sure why this thread is still not locked. However I’m happy that Viva Aerobus is now added. This can be closed now :)

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