Vitiello4’s ATC Tracking Thread - Closed @ N/A

Who wants to practice pattern work at KBZN in 30 min?? I need to ace that practical test if you know what I mean. Please let me know if anyone will be willing to fly👍

Hello! I would recommend making an ATC tracking thread so you am request people to come to an airport you are controlling at.

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Hello there!
I have reformatted your title to match the guidelines for an ATC Tracking Thread. Changed the “Closed” to “Open” when you open and the “N/A” to the ICAO code of the airport you open.
Have fun and good luck!

Ok what does it mean by a tracking thread??

A Tracking Thread is just so people know where you are when you control so you can build up some traffic. It is recommended you stay open for at least 30 minutes.

Ok thank you

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