Visualisation of the airflow around the nose gear of a Boeing 777

Hey There,

So I was scrolling through Reddit (as I do), and I came across a post that shared this gif

It shows the airflow around the nose gear of a 777, presumably some time on final. It really is interesting to see, as air is invisible (duh) and we can’t see things like this.


This is very cool! I have never seen this.

Very interesting to see how much drag it creates

Very interesting to see this. Didn’t realise it had this much affect on airflow.

Also shows how important it is to ‘gear up’ after take off. Makes more sense now as I cast my mind back to the Air India flight back in July.


Yeah - I always thought that pilots put the gear up quite soon after takeoff and I didn’t know why

Pilots wait for the positive rate which can be anything from 10 secs to 30 secs depending on aircraft weight, speed and the amount of lift they’re gaining.

Saw that on Istagram and it said on there that it was a visualization of the noise generated by the plane

Umm… There’s no way that the GIF shows noise

Oh, I guess I was wrong - thanks for correcting me

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