Visual problems with boeing 752

Hi, today I’ve stop a flight just for that

(screen from the KLM747 event but it’s the same “bug”)
I don’t know why but when I am on final 👆 The screen becomes like the sky but on 3rd person view everything’s good
But in today’s flight I have go around and take this screenshot (American 7 2 0)
Pffff :((
My device : Samsung Galaxy Alpha
Android : 5.0.2
IF version : Last

sorry @IFATClewis :(


Try a restart?


yeah, I’m going to try :)

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Hope it goes well. :)

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looks good on solo :)

That’s good to hear, tell us if you encounter any more problems. :)

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Thanks for your propositions :)

Does live work?

can’t test

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