Visual map of airport gates

We could have a page with an map of the airport then the gate names.

Will be more easy to find the gate that we want, instead of see a list. Especially for ppl who does’nt know the name of the gate in the list, or all the gates of the airport. Like “I want a gate near to the holding of the runway but I don’t know whats her name.”

The map view will be like


LiveFlight Horizon. Does exactly what you want.


And it will soon do it even better :)


Hmmm, very interesting.

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I want this feature directly on the Infinite Flight app, in replacement of the list

You guys haven’t understand what I do explain

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It’s a website
Anyway don’t start a LiveFlight discussion in this thread. It’s completely off-topic


We do. I offer a viable solution on my service which I’m letting you know about as an alternative to waiting for this suggestion to be implemented in app :)


No it’s not. What would be the point in doing that in IF when a tool already does it.

It will be even easier when the iOS app comes out ;)


Maybe we could open LiveFlight app directly from IF to see the list, then use the top left “Back to Infinite Flight” to return to Infinite Flight

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Now that’s an idea. @Cameron do you think that this would be viable?

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Does he not mean so like when picking your spawn you just tap that area or gate number on the map?

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I will provide an educated guess. Cameron is developing a companion tool which is

  1. Currently available and has all of my existing schematics
  2. Imminently will display gates and gate sizes superimposed on the satellite map
  3. Will augment these maps with lists of available liveries by airport

These will be available ‘before’ global is released

Integration into IF may come later - depending on how people like Cameron’s app.

Developers meanwhile are focusing on making Global happen.

This way you get the best of both worlds sooner rather than later!!!

I have been working through ALL 1000+ airports we currently have to make them ready for both Cameron’s app AND IF Global

Yay duality is here - Why are you waiting to subscribe when you can have this today!!!


I do think this is necessary
I always google the gates to find out where I can go

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Not in the IF app hitself

I have started to add Google Earth models for our A380 airports. This is a taste of things to come in Live a Flight.