Visual/Graphic Errors

Why are these appearing on my view? I know its a graphic error, but what is causing them? Is it that my phone has a weak screen or what?

Which device do you use?

Based on this comment from schyllberg, it seems this only affects devices running mali gpus.

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I’m using a old Samsung Note 4

Try lowering your graphics and see if that helps.

That’s very old. I would assume they would have fixed it by now.

I know how to solve it, by lowering the graphics, but I don’t want to do that.

For now thats your only option as the note 4 is quite an old device.

We’ll have to wait until a mod can clarify whether a fix for the bug is still in the works or not as i couldn’t find any new updates on it.

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For the time being, it’s not something we’re actively working on since it’s a disappearing problem (the devices are getting old and less & less used with IF) and the issue can be resolved by changing graphics settings.


It happens in mine too. I was told this error happens with some graphics GPUs. Just change one of the chart options. In my case is medium, but to solve I have to change low or high.