Visual GPWS callouts

lol I didn’t realize AGL actually takes into account aircraft height

Well I would only put this feature for live cockpits I.e the A320
When more come out then add them on I guess

I don’t think forcing people to use live cockpit is a good idea

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Noooo I don’t mean to force them to use live cockpits

I’m just saying it’s better to add them on live cockpits, or newly updated planes

stuff like this would work better on planes the were updated recently

That is unless you can add this sort of feature to the HUD

It does stand for above ground level 🤷🏻‍♂️

lol I just though it was measured from eye level or something cuz MSL is higher than airport altitude on ground

In-Flight Assistant used visual notifications for all warnings and call outs when the audio is turned off in the app.

The actual countdown just before landing isn’t there, because that’s played from within IF.
“Minimums” is in there though, so that might help.

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Is there a need really? You know there is the AGL altimeter?

If you create a feature request, for which you would like others to vote, would it not be a good idea to explain what GPWS means? Just a thought…

With regards to this wide statement, on what information is this based?

I hardly ever use a headphone when flying or controlling on Expert. And I get the idea @Pinecone… 😄


I’d say it is a good thing. Not many airliners use huds and the ones that do are not like the HUD that is currently implemented. Plus all other major flight Sims use a live cockpit with no use of artificial HUD to help you. I believe it’s time infinite flight users came to the reality that you must start using the live cockpit instead of relying on this fake HUD. It makes you a better pilot when you do so as using the cockpit is basically mimicking how it’s done in real life.

@xsrvmy. MaxSez: “Floater”… Clean it up. A Landing is a 2 part procedure; “Round Out” Then “Flair”! A “Round Out” requires leveling wings, de crabbing (when necessary) assume straight and level configuration just out of ground effect then the “Flair””… Always on speed.
Try it you’ll grease it every time no matter the aircraft type.
Regards, Max

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Same ;)

Screen estate is a problem on a phone simulator and HUD does exactly that - instruments without taking up screen estate.
With live cockpit I have to squint to see anything so I can’t even focus on flying. It’s wayyy to small on a phone.
Also another issue with screen estate: ATC meni literally covers the instruments

Uhhh… I don’t play with headphones.

Unless I’m at school. And I don’t generally play IF at school. Usually patterns at someone’s ATC tracking thread.

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Id say screen estate only becomes an issue when the developers start introducing clickable switches. However the way they’re approaching it now is by angling the cockpits cameras where majority of the like cockpit is on the screen without you having to mess around with the camera and zoom in etc…

read this post @Altaria55

well how small the text on the instruments are is still a problem for takeoff… I can’t focus on multiple parts of the screen at once.

It’s called scanning. Not something easy to pick up on, especially scanning quickly. But it’s an option that takes a little time

How do you scan text that is barely readable
TBH I did some hand flying with A320 just now with the live cockpit and it was fine but with more things going on with ATC and stuff it becomes problematic. The live instruments are entirely covered by the ATC menu.

I agree with you on this HUD things, but in that case we’d need a bigger screen, because you can’t grasp everything if you’re on a phone. Also expect two/three sims for phonw, rest of them are on the phone.