Visual GPWS callouts

This is a feature intended for when the user is unable to use audio when landing. This happens to me pretty often because my phone does not have a headphone jack.
When enabled, the GPWS callouts would appear somewhere prominent on the screen instead of using audio so a smooth landing can be made. Of course there will be an option in settings or the systems menu to enable/disable it. Systems menu is probably better since it is a one-time thing.

I don’t really think this is necessary, because no one plays on expert without headphones. Also, don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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I don’t see a use for this. Personally i’d just get annoyed with seeing more numbers on the screen. When simply i’ll just turn my volume up. Everyone’s phones have volume. No need for headphones.


Can’t you just use the altimeter for this?

Not accurate enough (the altimeter does not take into account the height of the plane)

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If you don’t have headphones just use your phone’s speakers. Problem solved.

Yeah… There’s already enough on the screen… We don’t need more.

Yeah… * cough * no one.


I play without headphones :"v


I think a lot of people do. Not really sure why he made that generalization. But either way the visual callouts are definitely not needed.

People play with earphones?

My point was that no one plays without sound. Its not very smart.

I’ve played many times with no audio on expert server. It’s not that hard. But in terms of callouts. You can use your speakers or just look at your altitude indicator.

TBH GPWS is the least of my problems. On MIUI if I have to do a RAM cleanup mid flight I lose ATC audio.
Yeah I do use speaker when I can. Worst case scenario I land without flaring. I mean, half the time when I try to flare I end up floating down the runway

That’s why we have the the option to select AGL or MSL for the status bar altitude.

lol I didn’t realize AGL actually takes into account aircraft height

Well I would only put this feature for live cockpits I.e the A320
When more come out then add them on I guess

I don’t think forcing people to use live cockpit is a good idea

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Noooo I don’t mean to force them to use live cockpits

I’m just saying it’s better to add them on live cockpits, or newly updated planes

stuff like this would work better on planes the were updated recently

That is unless you can add this sort of feature to the HUD

It does stand for above ground level 🤷🏻‍♂️