Visual flying

After reworking some aircraft. Have you ever made a flight or a landing using only the aircraft’s on-board instruments?
It would be possible?


I have on the 757 and the A330. I have even done it on all the 777’s but I wasn’t on IF when those aircraft were released.


Very good my friend!

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I’ve landed lots of the aircraft in low visibility, turbulent crosswinds, hand flying (all at the same time). I always hand fly takeoff (up to at least 20,000) and landing (starting at base leg)

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Certainly! It can become a lot more practical to use the on-board instruments to fly more realistically without a HUD.

If you learn how to effectively read an aircraft’s PFD (Primary Flight Display, Below is a PFD for an A320), then you can see your altitude, speeds (stall speeds, overspeed, target speed), VS, your position on the Glideslope and Localizer if you’re on an ILS Approach, and heading.


Although flying on PC simulators has helped me a lot in regards to flying using no HUD, it can 100% be reflected on Infinite Flight when I want a more realistic approach!

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As opposed to?

The live cockpit instruments are there for a reason :)


I alway fly only on the live-cockpit! I really hate it to use the HUD. And since the first live-cockpit came. I become a person who hates HUD’s and would like too see al cockpits live!


Apart from the MD11 I only fly aircraft with live cockpit (mostly A320 and A330, sometimes C172 and the TBM), and for the MD11 I turn off the FPV.

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honestly I found your answer very interesting my friend!!!

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Aware friend!

This is the wish of many IF Pilots!

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Aware. Very luck! 😃😃😃

Surely using the live cockpit is only practical on a larger tablet screen? I use a 6.5in phone and I have to use the HUD on top of the cockpit view in order to see the numbers.

To use the live instruments I’d have to constantly zoom in and out on the instruments to control things as well as get a view outside…is that a practical way to go?

I’ve been doing that since the A350 comes out
Just get used to looking at the instruments instead of turning on HUD for live cockpit aircraft

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Its worth a try I guess…more realistic , but I was just concerned there would be too much flicking in and out to check instruments constantly. I like my outside view!

I look out the side windows a lot as I feel this brings a very real feeling like in a real aircraft.

Haha, thx. Just start with flying with live-cockpit. And don’t give up. Also not after the 1000th hard landing.

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