Visual Distance

Hey everyone, I was doing some flying on expert server and was waiting for my turn to approach, (I was doing holding patterns) My pattern took me near another aircraft, and so I maintained visual separation. I was then reported an now I am back to grade 2. So I was wondering, wants the rules on visual seperation?

1000’ vertically, and or 3nm horizontally

I cant really tell but is this to close …

Could it be that you got reported for a different reason (not following instructions properly or something), as you can’t really communicated having an aircraft in sight on IF as far as I am aware.

If you want to get more I formation about your report it always makes sense to send the controller a PM.

The official reason was “interfering with other aircraft”

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As I said the best way to get more information is sending a PM to the controller, as we can only speculate on the exact reasoning/situation.

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Topic can be closed.

Sunseeker isn’t handling in a PM.