Visual approach

I am approaching LLBG and I know we have to do a visual approach. I have heard everyone talking about it, but what exactly is it?

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You’re flying by using your eyes.


No ILS or GPS Approach. Nor APPR. Hand flying it with some PAPI lights and your twin eyes.

If you are asking what a visual is then its basically only using your eyes

Read this ^

if you don’t have the airport in sight you would have to go around

Ahh ok. That’s how I always land tho… no APPR, just handflying and my own eyes…

Me too. I like doing it all manually.



Please refer to this tutorial by Mark Denton for information regarding what is and how to fly a visual approach in IF :)



In addition to good info already provided, here’s an overview of all types of approaches in IF, with info:

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(Most threads on the subject are closed, if a mod can find a better thread to splice this into, be my guest.)

Recently I’ve had quite a lot of pilots who request visual but do several things that are a little unsettling and make me think that many who request it are unsure what it entails.

  • Watching someone on a visual completely remaking their flight plan multiple times is, needless to say, quite frustrating for a visual approach. You do not need to keep doing this. You’re on a visual approach, you don’t need IFR waypoints from downwind or base. Visual means eyes.

  • Reporting airport in sight from 40 nm away at FL180. First of all, no one has asked that you report at that point, but also, airport in sight means you can see the runway with your eyes, not the distance marker sticking up in the air or the box on the map. When you report in sight, it means you’re prepared to begin your approach to the field without any intervening navigation. You can do this at runway heading ten miles out or on downwind or base at 3k. You cannot do this from cruise.

  • The main issue: never actually reporting in sight but still expecting to be cleared. I swear, I ask some guys four or five times, sometimes when there’s no possibility they can’t see the field, and they keep saying “Wilco” but never actually do it. But, even though they’re not reporting, they still keep asking for a freq change, or changing in their own (never okay, no matter the circumstances), or just beginning their approach on their own, or checking in (that’s probably the worst; trying to insinuate I’ve forgotten about you when I’m waiting on you.)

Please do not request a visual approach just because it’s a fun option to try. If you don’t know how to do it, that’s okay, choose an approach type you’re more familiar with.

And don’t ragequit when you never announce in sight and you get a missed Approach. I can’t make you say “airport in sight.”

(Oh…and ILS approaches…please stop reporting in sight. It’s irrelevant to that approach type.)


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