Visual approach cleared

So I was listening to some atc videos and when the aircraft said airport in sight atc responded with cleared visual rwyxx I know this doesn’t happen on the training sever

Could you explain what you are trying to accomplish by posting this topic?


Just wondering if this could become something in IF

But this isn’t a request

@anon31652286 - he’s asking why people don’t follow proper procedure on TS :)

@JIA_345 - Unfortunately, there’s not that many users on the Training Server who is familiar with the proper procedures. Especially not for Visual… So I’d say that’s why. It’s a different story on Expert.


Oh I understand, sorry not too familiar with the ATC commands - haven’t even had a Live subscription since the UI update.

Isn’t the visual approach only available on the expert server?

I don’t think so. But, I’m actually not 100% sure.

Ok I thought it was for some reason but I can’t find anything on it right now. Sorry for the confusion guys.

No it’s avalible, you have to click Expect Vectors (18.01) in order to have the visual come up. The other Expect Vectors menu does not include the visual.


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