Visual Approach ATC

If I’m flying VFR and am receiving a flight following service from Approach. How do I request a visual approach? I tried to descent to circuit altitude and once I had the field in site I asked the controller for a frequency chance (intentions to change to tower) but the approach controller asked what my intentions were and all I could do was request an ILS approach.

were you flying to LGA just now on Expert ?

You currently can’t request / give visual approach instructions / commands. There is a feature request for visual approach commands currently, you can vote there:

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No I was flying At KDFW

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Visual approaches are not possible at this point in time. Perhaps someday, the developers will add this feature to our list of ATC commands.

In the meantime, request radar vectors. It’s the closest we can get.

If you are on Flight following it’s a given you will be doing a visual approach being VFR. If you do an ILS approach on Flight following you’re doing it wrong!

I don’t think It is a given. As I approach the field under “flight following” the controller asks for my intentions and the responses you can give are extremely limited and don’t lead to a visual approach

Just repeat you’re on Flight following.

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