Vistara 737-800

Vistara is an Indian full-service airline based out of Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP).
Their fleet is as follows:-
13 A320-200
21 A320neo
2 A321neo
7 B737-800
2 B787-9

Vistara started their operations with A320-200 aircraft in 2016. After Jet Airways’ grounding, Vistara like SpiceJet took up some of Jet’s 737-800s and put them into use for domestic and medium-haul international flights.
The Vistara 737-800s are found in two liveries:- The regular Vistara livery and a Jet Airways+Vistara hybrid livery.

This livery will be a great addition to the sim.

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I will be making another request for the hybrid 737

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Vistara livery much needed, you got my vote


Just a suggestion you should use a picture in which there is no blue colour on the belly of aircraft as these are ex Jet Aircraft.

Without the blue colour the livery looks much better

You can use a picture like this


Ok…thx for the suggestion

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Vistara + 737-800 = Beauty

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Why on earth do these guys operate these, I mean the NEO seems like a solid choice for them lol


to get da slots


Fair enough

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after 9W went to the ICU, UK took their 738’s and their slots…also to be able to fly intl…i’ll tell on discord

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Here is my vote for this beautiful livery.

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we got 9W A330
now its time for 9W777 and UK 737, A320 and 787

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One of my favourite livery…

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One of the Favourite liveries, let’s get this into IF on atleast one of the Aircrafts B789/A320/B789