VistaJet VA | See the world in Comfort | 2024 Thread

VistaJet VA | See the world in Comfort | 2024 Thread

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Welcome! We’re VistaJet Virtual! Thanks for checking out our thread page! We hope you enjoy this thread, and decide to apply for VistaJet Virtual! See you in the skies!

​VistaJet was founded in September of 2023, with a mission to create Infinite Flight’s best private airline. We first graced the skies in January, 2024! With one of the world’s most premier business jets, this airline is sure to be one of the most popular choices for joining a Virtual Airline dedicated to being a BizJet airline! Joining VistaJet Virtual will create countless opportunities, like events, giveaways, and an amazing community.

CEO Message - As a kid (and now), I have always wondered what it would be like to fly on a business jet. Now, I fly those BizJets in Infinite Flight. From me, and the team here at VJVA, we hope you decide to embark on this journey, and See the World in Comfort!

@TheBest - CEO

Role Member
CEO @TheBest
COO Open until January 31st!
CCO Open!
CIO @TheNorthwestDog
Recruiter @Lingling89
Chief Pirep Officer Open!
Promotions Manager Open!
Chief Marketing Officer Open!
Marketing Open!
Event Manager @Comif
Graphic Designer Open!

Currently, Infinite Flight only has one aircraft the Vista Jet operates: the mighty Challenger 350.

With routes from around the world, you can choose from 182 countries, and 6 continents. Since VistaJetVA is a private, charter airline, you can choose from any of the 182 countries and 6 continents. See the world with no set list of flights, you can choose where you would fly, if you were the passenger aboard.

At VistaJetVA, we have an intuitive ranking system, due to the fact that the only aircraft with the VistaJet livery in Infinite Flight, is the CL35. Instead of gaining access to a better aircraft, like most VAs, you can fly longer and longer routes.

  • You must be 14 Years or older
  • You must have a valid IFC Account in Good Standing
  • Access to Discord is required
  • No less than 60 days since your last Level 2 or 3 Violation
  • Violations to landing ratio less than 0.3
  • Not on the IFVARB Blacklist
  • Digital Crew Center Account


Application Process
After you apply, we will message you within a day, updating you on the status of your application. If you pass, you will be invited to our CC and Discord. If you fail, you will be entered into our training program, and once you’re ready, Invited to take another application to join!


Very nice thread guys!


Hope we get the Global 7500 eventually especially because we can’t get a Gulfstream


Thank you!

@TheBest | CEO VistaJet Virtual


Congrats on being the CEO @TheBest


I might look into joining

Thank you so much! I’ve been thinking about this for about 6 months now, and it’s amazing to see it all finally come together!

@TheBest | CEO VistaJet VA

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Awesome thread and good to see that there are more diverse options in terms of VAs!

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Where do i apply to become staff?

Please PM @TheBest

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Thanks! We agree that this makes a lot more diverse options within the IFC!

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Amazing thread @VistaJetVA !

Glad to see this as an official VA on infinite flight 🥳🥳.


Thank you so much!
@TheBest | CEO VistaJet VA

Just applied! Can’t wait to start flying


We’ll review your application and get back to your shortly via the IFC!


You may go to this link Staff Database - VistaJet VA to find our open positions, from now on. Thanks!

NorthwestDog - CIO

Proud to be the COO of Vistajet VA ! Looking forward to working with @TheBest, and @TheNorthwestDog !


Sadly, Mort is off the team. But, hopefully we get more staff soon!


Awesome-looking thread, best of luck from us!


A dedicated Challenger VA finally! thats nice. might apply. By the way, maybe adjust the last rank seeing as the longest Challenger flight possible is ~8:15 with 0 pax and 0 cargo?