Vista Jet Challenger 350

Since the Challenger 350 is coming soon I would love to see this livery along with it!

Saw this pop up and just knew I had to vote for it
Absolutely beautiful


Welp, that happened fast! First Challenger 350-related request to pop up in my feed!

Unfortunately, I can’t vote for it as I’m out of votes.

Vista Jet is definitely a must it’s like not adding a generic livery to a jet 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Flew this livery last Friday with @TRDubh although it wasn’t operated by Vista Jet. Absolutely beautiful. You got my vote


omg i see myself

also it’s a very pretty livery, it’s only right to vote for!

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Thread bump.

Very good livery! Voted! + bump

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Little bump

Wake up, guys!
red line looks nice


silverwithredstripe! Got my vote!

Keeping this alive

Topic bump

Would be great to see this added to the Challenger when it’s released!

Nothing got the line guys more excited than when one of these rolled up. IYKYK 😂

We got her confirmed!

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Wow that is amazing!

Time to do MBJ-AZI 😁

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beautiful livery, I must fly a lot with her as soon as possible. it looks like the colors are grayer/duller than it should be, hope they fix that…


Very true!

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Hopefully the door clipping into the ground will be addressed prior to release. Also the nose gear doors are always opened with the nose gear extended I believe, which isn’t modeled correctly here.

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