Visiting the Turkmen Karakum Desert

Couple days ago I saw quite an interesting flight on Flightradar24 operated by the Italian airline Neos and decided to fly it today. So sit back and enjoy the views on this flight from the Capital of fashion to the oasis city of Mary in the Turkmen Kara-Kum Desert (Turkmen: “Garagum”) 🇹🇲

Route Info:

Flight Nr.: NO7020
Departure: Milan Malpensa Airport 🇮🇹
Arrival: Mary International Airport 🇹🇲
Aircraft: Neos Boeing 737-800 (Feature Request)
Flight Time: 4h 55min


Picking up today’s aircraft at Milan Malpensa 🇮🇹.

Take off! Leaving Milan behind, ready for out 5 hour journey over to the Karakum Desert.

Gorgeous views passing by Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina about one hour into our flight 🇧🇦

French Riviera Bulgarian style!!! Leaving mainland Europe behind just north of Burgas, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Marvelous views of the Kolkheti Plain in eastern Georgia (the country!) 🤤

Absolutely stunning view of the Caucasian Mountain range entering Azerbaijani Airspace!!!

About 3 hours 30 minutes into our flight, we finally arrive in Turkmen Airspace and get the first glimpse of the Karakum Desert just east of Turkmenbashi 🇹🇲

Arriving into the Oasis of Mary, finally with some green again…

30, 20, 10…

Welcome to Mary, Turkmenistan 🇹🇲 Very windy approach today with crosswinds and gusts up to 30kts…

Now thats it for my first topic here! In conclusion I’d highly recommend visiting Turkmenistan or any other of the “Stans” when you got some spare time and get tired of Heathrow, JFK & co. They really offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world…

Thanks for viewing and till next time!!!

ernie out


you went to Atlanta?
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I love this shot

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