Visiting the Tower at Munich International Airport (MUC/EDDM)

As some of you might (or probably might not) know, I am an aspiring air traffic controller in Germany who already passed the dreadful assessment center organized by the German Center for aviation and spaceflight and is now studying Air Traffic Management before starting his ATC training in 1,5 years.
Since I never visited either center or tower before, I used my contacts within my employer, the DFS (German ANSP), and managed to get a tour of the Munich Center and Tower. I also got to try the lower center simulator, however, I was only allowed to take photos in the tower due to the sensitive nature of some programs/machines.
Both the newly constructed center building and the tower blew me away and I can’t say enough about how happy I am to be becoming an ATC.

Bonus Photo: Christmas Market at MUC, a good example why MUC is considered as one of the best airports in the world


Great pictures! I’m happy that you are becoming an ATC! 👍

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Thanks Thomas! I can’t wait to share more if I get the opportunity to do so again!


Greetings from one level below :P


It would be so cool if we both ended up working there


Well, that’s up to you now haha (or well, up to the decision of the DFS where they want you to work)

I’ll wait ;)


So cool, amazing as always MxP!

Thanks man! Visiting a tower is definitely something worth doing at some point!

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The best of luck with your training, and great photos!

I was admiring your second photo and how it really highlights the size comparison between the A380 and other aircraft. For an A380 standing alone, it’s often hard to appreciate the size.

And then I noticed the Emirates special livery. From your photo it’s apparently back flying again after an in-flight incident earlier in the year that left a hole in its fuselage that resulted in landing precautions and grounding: Emirates Airbus A380 Lands In Brisbane With Large Hole In Fairing (

Also, I had to sort out my acronyms with DFS. I thought “what the!?” The first satellite I ever worked on in my first ever job was called DFS. And it was for the German government.

Got it! - DFS:

you: Deutsche Flugsicherung
German Air Traffic Control

me: Deutscher Fernmeldesatellit (Kopernikus)
German communications satellite Kopernikus

other: Duty Free Shop

Again, great perspective in your photos.

How much glass do you want?

Munich tower architects: Yes

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It’s actually what makes it so great. The German weather service, the observation deck and the controllers all have a 360 degree view through glass. In my biased opinion it also doesn’t look too shabby, I would even go so far as to call it one of the best looking towers in Germany and maybe even Europe.

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I also thought so regarding the A380! Something a little cool about that one is, that I spotted the same special livery from the TWA hotel at JFK earlier this year. Then he was involved in the incident, but thanks to a big big coincidence I ended up seeing it again, this time from the tower at MUC.

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Some really cool views! Honestly looking forward for when you’re an active air traffic controller, maybe you can take some shots during breaks then ;) .

I hope so, too. However, first, I need to pass the academy (25% fail) and I am also not guaranteed to work in the tower. Here in Germany, I can end up in a tower, lower center (ACC/APP) or upper center (UAC) course at the academy, and depending on that I will have different location choices. In the case of me ending up in the upper center, I will work at Karlsruhe center 100% since that’s the only location for that type of center in Germany. In the case of a lower-center course assignment (the hardest one), I could end up working in Bremen, Munich, or Frankfurt.
Lastly, in my ideal world, I end up in the tower course. However, then my performance in the academy will determine to which airport I will get assigned. In order to get assigned to MUC I would need to be a high-performer. I am also not sure if I even want to go to MUC after all in the case of me becoming a tower controller, since MUC will be converted into a remote tower (controlled virtually) within the next 1/2 decades due to the tower needing an overhaul against which my employer decided due to the cost he would incur.

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Whatever the outcome, I’m sure you’ll be doing what you love soon™. You got this man ;) .

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thanks, man :) I might come back on that encouragement in case I need it once I start training:,)

Is that remote tower thing fixed actually? I heard about it as well in the context of the required overhaul but in the end I’d assume that’s a decision of the airport considering the fact that the tower belongs to the airport and not DFS

Best regards from Bremen, Max!
Great impressions!
And great career choice… I wish you endless success and joy.
And furthermore, a wonderful Christmas-season to all others!

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I heard they will actually go ahead with it after making a cost benefit analysis for both options. I mean I can’t guarantee it but two independent lecturers from the DFS and some guys in the tower told me so.

Thank you so much! Greetings from Munich to Bremen and have a wonderful Christmas, too!

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