Visiting the Signature Flight Support Hangar at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Today, out AvEd class took a field trip to the best places of all locations, the hanger!
We were treated to lots of aircraft, and even had a tour of two Mitsubishi MU-2’s! It was the most epic experience ever, and I thank everyone at Signature and my teacher for setting up this awesome field trip!
The Experience
We headed from the Aviation Museum of NH before we headed off to the hanger to discuss what we were going to do. We headed off the Signature and met some very nice people, who then took us to the Hanger. There, we saw about Five Airplanes. We first toured an older Mitsubishi MU-2B, where the plane had a small interior and had old flight panels (Non-glass). I sat on the Co-Pilots seat, and asked questions about the plane itself. We then toured the more modern MU-2B-60, which did have a Glass Cockpit, and a stretched fuselage. After we saw the planes, we were then escorted to another Hanger, where unfortunately, we were not allowed to be near the aircraft (What I mean is we can’t pass a line, as the Airport owns the Hanger). We saw two magnificent aircraft: Bombardier Challenger and a Gulfstream G5. Since we could not walk out into the hanger, we continued onto the next hanger, where we could walk into the hanger, which was relatively empty, and had a couple of helicopters. We then finished the tour, but low and behold, we were then escorted out into the Ramp! It was very empty, but it was the best experience ever! We then ended the tour and thanked everyone who escorted us and allowed us into the aircraft.

Who wouldn’t take pictures? Here are the pictures I took!

N40KC, the first MU-2B we toured!

Wing view, with the engine in sight

The cockpit instrument panel

N40KC, the Registration of the aircraft

Before we entered the next hanger, saw this Challenger

Another pic, N683UF is the Reg of this aircraft

N70KC, the next aircraft we toured

The interior, its long!

The Glass Cockpit

The GPS, used to plot a Flight Plan before departure

View of the outside from the cockpit

My friend sits in the Pilots seat, with a Maintenance personnel showing my friend the test buttons.

The rear to the exit

From the rear, with my friend and the guy still there.

The front of N70KC

Cessna 520XL


Closeup of N683UF

Gulf Stream G5 [N154G] with my other friend (who’s about 5’,9", tallest in our class) to compare how big the plane is

Another pic

Entered the next hanger, saw this elegant Bombardier Challenger 300 [N400CH]

Another angle

Tail pic of N199RM, a Raytheon Aircraft Company 390

Angled shot of N199RM

Nose picture of the jet

Went back into the hanger. Picture of N279EJ, an Eclipse 500

Twin engine Piper PA [N4136P]

A Piper PA [N439D] hiding behind the winglet of [N638UF].

Closeup of the Challeneger’s engine.

Back in the main hanger we came in, doors open!
Ramp Pictures

Three (3) FedEx Cessna Caravan C208’s tied to the ramp. Owned and operated by Wiggins Airways.

One jet and one small prop plane sits next to each other. [N417TM], A Raytheon Hawker 800XP and [N751SE] An FBA-2C3

Looking inside the Hanger from the ramp

Final Picture before we left to go home.

I have some panoramic shots, but they wouldn’t upload on here, and I also have some videos I took of the experience, which I will upload sometime later to YouTube.

We had such a great time! Let me know what you think, and which picture you liked the best :)


Excellent photos my friend 😉

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Thanks :) I have more photos, but they won’t upload

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Excellent photos. Looks like a cool experience

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I Like the photos…amazing review👌👌

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Dang especially love the Bombardier Challenger. I personally think it is one of the best private jets out there

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