Visiting the Naval Air Base in Jacksonville, Florida!!

Hi! I desire that you have a wonderful 24 hour period!

Now for what most of you came for:

I recently visited the base and I must say that it was awesome as they toured me around the whole base and more!

How did I get there?

Well my uncle knows the base’s past Master Chief and he told me about the summer camp I attended at the ERAU. Rick (The master chief) suggested that he give a tour o the base to me and my uncle accepted.


I has previously known about this base but I never got to actually go in it. I knew that P-8 Poseidon’s and P-3 Orion’s we’re stationed there and they frequently flew there as well. I entered a hangar and before me were three massive P-8s in maintenance. It was a powerful sight indeed especially with all the people working there and all the parts on the floor etc. The aircraft was apparently going through a C-Check. We got a tour of the aircraft and we were allowed to take pictures as well. We boarded through the 737s preinstalled stair (which was super skinny). I then saw the plane’s interior as well as the cockpit. It was full of computers and seats for meetings. The absence of most of the seats was quite impressive as you could see the 737s width. We were shown around the P-8s computers and weapons systems as well as its navigation. The plane’s missiles were located on the planes left and boy was it intimidating. We then asked for permission to see the P-3 Orion. It was a nostalgic sight because I could imagine passengers getting in the planes commercial variant decades ago when jet engines were still a new addition to commercial aviation…even though I wasn’t born anywhere near that time period. You could see the planes age as some things were rather old but interesting to look at. The plane was really hot as well. I was mostly excited for the cockpit as I knew it was an old plane and it would have a really cool cockpit. The flight deck was an incredible sight to see as well the as the flight engineers station. I then got a chance to speak with some of the base’s crew members and talk about career opportunities and benefits that they offered.

It was a great experience that I would love to go through and again for this is something not many people have the chance to do. I loved the P-8/P-3 and all of its functions…so much that I MIGHT do a feature request as I think I have enough info. I walked out with a signed blue angels magazine as well. I can’t leave without saying THANKS to Rick and all the people that showed me around the base!

Here are a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure: (Photos taken by me)



Lots of really cool pictures! That’s pretty awesome.

Looks like you had a fantastic experience!

Sweet. I work at NAS glad you enjoyed it. Vp30s pretty big and has alot of aircraft.

Jealousy is kicking in…you got to see a P-8 Poseidon!

Truly an amazing opportunity…I also got to see the interior ;)

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Well would you look at that! It’s a really big place. On the side note, I noticed the aircraft you have in your PFP in the base, dou you have any idea of why that plane’s there?

That is really impressive how close they allow you take pictures of the P-8

I totally agree with you! I was quite careful in taking pictures as I didn’t want to land myself a couple 10 years in prison but they were pretty chill about it. I believe that it was that way since nothing was really operational. There were some photos of some computers I had to delete.

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Do you mean in front of the base?

Well I did see the aircraft parked near the P-8s hangar with its beacon light on so I guess it could be called the front of the base. trying to figure out what you mean by PFP?

Oh! Sorry for that, PFP is the abbreviation for profile picture.

Oh. Yea it’s a C-40. It’s a VR-58 aircraft. They are a logistical support squadron.

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