Visiting the Control Tower at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

NOTICE: Due to Federal regulations, photography and filmography are prohibited inside the Tower, meaning I do not have photos from inside the tower.

Hello everyone! It’s me again with another Field Trip report, with this time being the Control tower at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport!
We headed off to the Museum as normal, and waited for everyone to arrive (There were seven of us there), and we headed off in two cars, with the lead car being the teachers car. Since we were entering the facility, we were representing our class at the Aviation Museum of NH, so we had to be on our best behavior. As we got there, there was a gate, and my teacher buzzed the buzzer to let us in. The gate swung open upwards, and we went in. We parked and were met by a very nice guy. We went into a conference room where the person (our escort), gave us a brief slideshow of what ATC does. Once finished, we then went up to the actual tower (which was 11 floors high). We went through the elevator, which stopped at the nineth floor. We climed an additional two floors until we reached the very top. As we were there, a couple of aircraft took off and landed which were:
Southwest 737-700 to KMDW
Southwest 737-700 from KBWI
Air Wisconsin (American Eagle) CRJ200 to KPHL
Mitsubishi MU-2B (N40KC)

There was also a United Express (Shuttle America) Embraer E175 parked at Gate 1. As we were there, someone called up and said We have a Violator who has not spoken to Nashua Tower or Boston Center, and the controllers looked out the windows and did see the plane (unknown which aircraft though) that was passing through the airspace at 2,500ft (FL025). We didn’t know what that meant and they said that the person did not respond to any of their requests, so he was violating the airspace that he/she was in. We also saw the wonderful sight of the City of Manchester, and a perfect view of both runways! They did tell us the Runway’s 17/35, and only 6 have ILS approach, while 24 had RNAV only. I did mention Infinite Flight to one of the controllers, detailing how Expert Server had almost realistic ATC, but since we could not have our phones out, I could not give him a demo of the game, but he did seem interested and did hear about the game. We then stayed there for a bit looking out and finally left and went back down to the main floor.

Overall, it was a great experience! I loved every minute of it, especially being able to view outside the actual tower to see the whole airfield from above! Though I did feel a bit queasy, since I have a fear of heights, but that did not stop me from loving the experience! I loved it, would go again off I was able to!

Heading to the Control tower!

The empty terminal…

Tower is now in view!

A United Express (Shuttle America) E175 heading to O’hare (KORD)

Look at how tall this building is! This was right before we entered the facility. At this point, we had the tour, so no photos of the inside, sorry, federal rules :/.

Last photo before going home

Tell me what you think! Have you been to a Control tower? Let me know below! Thanks for viewing :)!


Interesting, the federal regulations in Singapore also prohibits photos and videography as well as visits into the tower.

The only time ive seen videos and photos was when a government official visited the tower

Nice photo and experience ^^


I have, KFRG in NY. That was also the airport I flew my first solo in. I’m still convincing my r uncle to let me go to work with him at JFK as he works there currently.

Nice pictures by the way!

Nice experience. I want to visit the inside of a control tower one day.

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Wow, I’m amazed your school took a field trip to an airport. When I went to my local tower I had a similar experience, although none of the controllers knew what Infinite Flight was. Lucky ducks!

I’ve been in the control tower at a small regional airport called KANE.


We’re actually based at the Airport (Our classroom) within the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire :). So we get some opportunities to visit some local areas as a field trip. You can see more from our trips here:
Visiting Boston Center in Nashua, NH

Visiting Signature Flight Support:

More trips are being planned!

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