Visiting Smoketown Airport (37PA)

Hey Everyone! This is my first time posting in the spotting category, and I hate to say that it only consists of two pictures. However, I really wanted to share them with you since I do love this community, and I’m sure you’ll like at least the first picture (Lol). Keep in mind these were taken with my iPhone 8 camera.

^ This plane was actually carrying passengers and I waved to them as they passed by.

This second picture, which I know is much lower quality, I took because the pilot took an extremely short base leg into his final approach, probably no more than 1/4 mile.
I hope you enjoy at least the first picture, but let me know what you think below! :)


Nice pictures Joseph! Where is the airport located?

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Cool. We don’t normally see GA spotting threads so whenever one happens, it’s a good little addition too this community!

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Pictures in smoketown are smokingly good

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Southern-Central Pennsylvania, maybe 20 to 30 miles WNW of Philadelphia. It’s just east of Lancaster and Harrisburg PA, if that helps.

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While you were on that side of PA. I was on the other during the last 5 days :) Visted some of my family in Northwest PA ( Oil City) and I did spot a little around KFKL ( Franklin Airport) which is pretty much all GA traffic.

Hopefully you can get more pics next time!

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