Visiting Liberia in Alaska's 739!

“There are 5 of us to supposedly complete the flight, but 3 of us commited ALT+F4.”

-Your FBI Agent, Leader of the flight

Callsign: “Your FBI Agent”
Flight Number: Alaska 1035 Flight of 5
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900ER
Airline: Alaska
Flight Route: KLAX-MRLB

Our group on the gates while one of us creates the flight plan

Leaving KLAX, off to MRLB

Some picture of myself with the 2nd in the line

Some planespotter also flying under us captured the beatifulness of Alaska’s “Eskimo” on the tail

Me taxiing to gate while the 2nd tries to butter

Final picture of the only two made it to MRLB


Nice shots, great work!

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Seems good to do my old type of topics after months of suspension

Nice photo’s I love the Alaska 739.

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