Visiting Every Country In The World Part 6

Today’s Flight

San Salvador, El Salvador 🇸🇻 / Tegucigalpa, Honduras 🇭🇳

Avianca A320 (again)
40 Mins
Expert Server

Countries Visited: 6/196


And isn’t this Part 5?


ah, I saw with the parts I was behind on 1 flight, so I decided to go from part 5 to part 6 instead

so on my last flight in this series, it is part 196, not 195, because there are 196 countries

if that makes sense :)


But in Part 1 it was 2 countries…

that answer made me more confused tbh


I will PM you


6 done only 190 to go. Glad to see another part. Looking forward to part 7.


Hey mate,
Can you confirm that you are flying to and landing in every single country?


Yes part 6, I like it a lot!

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Nice pictures!! very excited for this series!!

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Yup! That is the plan

loved it, welcome to my HUB MSLP. Great pics of the landscape and the San Vicente volcano.

Nice, I hope you’re not wanting to be the first because I actually finished doing the exact same thing at the end of 2019 which is linked here.
Here are my tips from the journey:

  • This does take a long time and a lot of commitment (took me 12 months) so it’s definitely not for people with limited patience.
  • Your device will have problems/crash due to the distances and logistics.
  • Plan your route and map properly - there were times where I had to fly 20+ hours to go to countries I missed (hence why Mongolia was last).
  • The quickest route isn’t always the best route.
  • Some countries don’t have airports (five in Europe).

Remember, it’s a long long journey but it’s worth the achievement, you’ll be the second person to ever do it say you can say that and as you can expect it hugely improves your geography and country skills by a mile. Also, do a mix of solo flying and event flying, it’s nice to be able to get a bunch of countries down in just a few hours but then it’s a change of atmosphere if you do it with others so mix it up.

Anyway, off you go, have fun and PM if you need help, advice or when you finished. I’ll have to change my achievement to first person to fly to every single country!

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Thanks for the tips! I am committed, and I hope I can do it!

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If you’re committed then you’ll be able to do it, just don’t plan any other big projects for a long time. I had quite a bit of time and was also motivated in the forms of racing a friend. To give you a very rough idea, the minimum I’d say you can do it (with sleep, breaks, off time and the lot) is nine months, obviously if you’re working a lot it may be close to 1.5 to two years.

Anyway I’ll shut up and let you experience the Infinite Flight world!

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