Visiting an iconic gem to American. N501AA @ KLOT

Last week on Tuesday, I had the excellent privilege visiting Lewis University’s Romeoville Campus outside of Chicago and go inside the recently donated American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80 that’s on display and for educational training at KLOT! This aircraft, I know all too well, having to fly on it in my youth when traveling/flying on American. The plane, N501AA is still in great shape and to make things even better, I was invited to sit in the cockpit and had the honors of running through some alarm tests!

The APU, Engines can still be fired up. The landing lights, flaps and yoke can still be moved and set. I had the honor of moving the flaps down also! Sadly, there was still some work that needed to be done with the APU so, only ground power for now. I’m hoping to come back where I could throttle the engines!


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