Visiting a control tower

I’m getting go visit PHJH control tower tommrow morning. Going to take pictures and post them toctjis thread. This is a small Hawaiian airport that sees small airplanes as the runway is only 3000 feet long


I look forward to seeing the photos😀👍


looking forward for these photo’s!

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Lucky you. Can’t wait for those photos

Have fun mate!


Im going to visit republic airport in Long Island next week!

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Nice. It’s pretty sweet

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Awesome, I had my first lesson from there. Pretty nice airport and a lot of traffic. Fun to be on the tarmac

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Classic Mokulele airlines

Yup it sure is

I used to live there in the island a few years ago. Brings back old memories. So, thanks!

Really? On Maui. what a small world. This is my second time back and I like it here

Yea, I’m flying around LI up to montaulk in the summer

Lanai to Molokai? You mean

Well. I lived on Oahu and got to visit PHNL tower twice. I was not allowed to take pictures because it was regulation and for security reasons. Tower and the other facilities are pretty interesting once you fully understand the importance in their role.

Nice that’s quite interesting. I only got to take pictures because PHJH is a county airport and not an FAA airport

Long island by montaulk :) NY

Ah got ya know

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