Visit to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center


We are so very lucky to live somewhat close to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport. (For more information about the museum, click here). My family absolutely loves this place.

Here are some photos from our most recent visit about a couple weeks back. This isn’t everything. This place is massive as those who have been here know. Just some of what I found interesting…
IMG_20190323_121530 IMG_20190323_121449
IMG_20190323_121036 !
Wish these people didn’t get in the way of my Concorde panoramic shot. Oh well.
Hey look, no A350…I wonder how many angry letters they get. (:


It looks rlly cool in all
But comming from a person who lost alot of family memebrs from the Germans I don’t understand why there’s a museusm showing off German planes
I might be coming of a bit harsh but my family dosent drive German cars or fly German airlines

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Like you have museums for your country’s vehicles of planes and cars the germans have theres, for the same reason. my family lost many people to the war and the germans but i love seeing the germans side of things as they had some really cool innovations and well they came up with alot of todays technology back in the day. be respectful to other cultures no matter how bad they were. Germany is a really nice place to visit, have been myself and they are far from the culture they were in the War @anon23647801

I’ve been there many times (KIAD is my home international airport), and it’s an amazing place. From the historic Concorde to the massive Space Shuttle, and don’t forget the majestic views from the tower, there is no shortage of good things to do at this museum.

Countries like to display their own ‘trophies’ from the war, a way of bragging that they were the victors.

Some (most) of our best selling cars are German, there are no hard feelings from what happened in the past. The point is to remember history and not gloss over it, yes there are bad parts but they should also be remembered for those who died fighting for our rights.

In my view I want to see what all the forces in the wars used, British and German so I can compare them, see what was different, ultimately to draw a full picture of the conflict.

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Awesome photos Griz !!

I don’t know if you guys know but a lot of people in the Camps made the planes from the Germans they made there runways and roads…

yes but thats in the past

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Still waiting for my invite 😡

I’m not asking you to forget anything, quite the opposite. We should respect those who fought in these conflicts and were lost in them and always remember. That being said, hating on anything German is just not right. The Germans of today played no part in such activities, they too are disgusted. Times move one, people change, the world is now a better place.
German companies have apologised for the slave labour and people respect their position on this.

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It is weird on how many experimental aircraft Germany has made during WWII

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Might as well do the same lol.

Also, please do not flag

I went there last year, but during Labor Day weekend. Because of this they were closing early and I only got to see a few planes land. Went in the flight sim though, did you get a chance as well? Also did you see the space shuttle? It’s absolutlely massive up close and a great experience.

Yes, we did see the Space Shuttle this time around:

The only simulator we did this visit was the space shuttle one. The Wright Flyer one wasn’t open and we didn’t pay to do the others.

Also went up in the tower. Nice view that day of Dulles…not the best photo (glass):


I had never seen the aircraft in the second photo, it looks like a helicopter at the same time, I liked it

The best Smithsonian in my opinion. Great place to visit.

I live in this area and didn’t even know this place existed (I always go to Air & Space). I will try to head there this weekend, thank you for sharing 🙂

Really cool I’m going there in 3 weeks with my school and get to spend 5 days in DC with my school!!! I can’t wait to visit this museum

That’s really cool