Vision Requirements

So I wear glasses and I know that you are allowed to have bad eyesight as long as it is upto limits. I found a chart that shows me the limits but I’m not sure what to look for.

I’m looking to become a commercial pilot.
What are the requirement to for vision in terms of myopia and astigmatism?

(I live in America)
Thank you


This wouldn’t be the place to ask. Go get a Medical done and see if you can obtain a first class prior to dumping a bunch of money into training. A medical is like 100 dollars. Well worth it.


It depends Airlines and countries rules and regulations. You have to check with your country aviation department. I know that here in Switzerland you can wear glasses if they correct at 100% your vision and the maximum (if I remember correctly) is that the correction can not exceed -6.0 in the two eyes. I wear glasses too ;-)


For me is vision 20/20 (not sure if that’s the measure they use in the US) Cheers.

Follow Brandon’s advice, especially if you’re in the United States. My AME was $135.00, a wise investment.


100 bucks for a class 1 medical :| well that’s super cheap… Mine costed me roughly 450 euros!


Hey antek. Take a look in the FAA website, it helps a lot. Here’s the link:


Can you pass it again if you miss it?

I honestly don’t know that. But I know you can get a restricted medical if you only have minor problems (vision…).


14 and -7 in both eyes :/

As a few have said, go to an ame. Request to get your 1St class medical done. That will get you commercially cleared for now.

Like other said, go visit a local AME. They can be found on the FAA website under “find AMEs near me” I think. Shouldn’t be too hard. I too wear glasses and it hasn’t been a problem.

I’m - 14 in each eye.

Check here…


Is it possible to have a -14 correction ? I’ve never heard about that :/

I’m pretty sure you can have 20/20 corrected vision. I wear glasses and have 20/20 with them on

Couldn’t you get laser eye surgery?

It’s not recommend at all ! This is what a pilot of Swiss told me…

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I’m 20-20 with my glasses on

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Are you sure you’ve read your prescription right!? That’s incredibly, incredibly myopic