Vision Airlines Callsign

Currently not in the game. The airline operated scheduled and charter routes in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon area, as well as Florida. Unfortunately the airline shut down in 2017.

Callsign: “Ruby”

Their main fleet member was the Do228. Here is a photo taken on January 6, 2021 (by me).

Overall, they operated quite the variety of aircraft!

Hope it can be added!

Hey! Do you mean you want the livery added to the game? Or just the callsign?
Also, I know it’s your picture and it’s a really good one at that, but if you could replace it with another one which gives a clearer idea of the livery, it would definitely add a lot more to this feature request.

The title of this is callsign, so I would assume he’s just specifying the callsign.

Yep, just the callsign.

We’ve discussed internally and decided to no longer allow requests for airline callsigns without an existing livery in the app itself. There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of callsigns we can dig up. This is not a great use of resources for a small team or precious votes.

The best way to see your desired callsign in-app is to support the feature request for the livery itself. Other requests similar to this will be closed as discovered over time. Thanks!