Visible Taxiways for Ground ATC on map

I think it would be helpful for all ground ATCs to have a better overview from the airport. Especially if there are many planes and it starts lagging. I mostly don’t even use the camera when I am ATC tower because in my opinion it’s unnecessary and just reduces the performance of the game. So why shouldn’t it be the same for ground control? Not everyone has the best and newest device, so a framedrop is almost not avoidable on larger airports with a lot of players (especially KLAX).
I would imagine something like on the picture. A simple overview of all taxiways, holding shorts and the parking areas would be in my opinion useful.
[Sry for grammar mistakes I’m from Germany :^) ]


Great topic! I would love this feature as well! However, this is a duplicate!


That is for pilots. This is for ATC

That’s the same thing …

I am a duplicate, you are a duplicate, we are duplicate, they are duplicate —> /•_•—/●_●\

Um … okay …

Yes you’re kind of right but I think it’s actually important for ATCs to handle all planes and to avoid conflicts. Of course it also would help the pilots but I guess to many taxilines on the map for all airports would again reduce the performance.
Well let see if it gets closed.

It’s easier for pilots so we know what taxiway to use, especially for larger airports.

Shhhu they’re here… (I am tired xD)