Visible lines through the ground

Was just taking off and looking at the view when I saw a black line appearing at the mountains and it moved as I moved the camera, not everywhere only on the mountains. It came and then disappeared and came back etc… Tried adjusting graphics and all but it was still there, will this also be fixed?

I can also see what looks like water line through the ground


Try clearing scenery cache

Didn’t work

It deserves a research. Especially i see third photo and who knows, maybe we will get live water :p

That happens when you are flying pass a mountain, and the airport is on the other side of the mountain, although it looks like it is in the terrain.


Here are some other pictures I took just now at a totally different location


Edit: Screenshot_20190706-033413
There is no airport in that direction for hundreds of miles


What are your settings and device?

All low, tried medium also but still same problem, have an Android

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I would recommend talking to @schyllberg since I have no more solutions to give you and none of us have any idea of what’s going on .Hope everything works out.

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Is this only in specific places?

No, the first photos are taken in LA the second post with photos further down is taken in the mountains in Hotan.

Here’s another photo taken in New Zealand


Try turning on anti-aliasing. It might slow down your device a little bit but it does help get rid of odd lines in the game.


It’s been reproduced. We’ll investigate!


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