Visible Fuel Dump

when your fuel dumping fuel there’s no way you can see the fuel coming out of the planes wings like this

Hopefully we will have the possibility of seeing the airplane dumping fuel in the window , and it will be more realistic .

this would be really cool to come to Infinite flight

Please add more description. It would be great to see what you want it to look like!


I think it would make it look more realistic but that feature might create more problems for some people like glitches and exploits ! Also make sure to vote for your own thread ;)

Umm… that’s not how it works…


What? Wheels? Okayyyyyyy


They’ll probably add this with contrails, they also stated it would come in the future.

I doubt it’ll come out of the wheels tho, but rather out of a valve at the flap fairings/ wing…


Sorry I went to put wings sorry

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This was not added due to performance issues, so I doubt that it will be considered in the near future.


@Wallacy… MaxSez: Are you speaking as a Pilot or Pax? Sounds like a Pax Topic. Those who know would agree in this day and age the instruments tell the tail. Sending the 1st Office back into the cabin to eye ball the wing jettison ojive is only in the movie. OhMy… (I think your leather helmet and googles are to tight! Next…)


If water being visibly seen coming out of the water tankers comes with this, I’d be all in for this!

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This requires the rendering of particles which can be very difficult for mobile devices. You can currently render effects like these up to a decent realistic level but that would mean much lower frame rates and much higher device temperatures and probabilities of app crash. If and when FDS feels the devices of the majority are ready to accept particles rendering, we’d all much rather prefer clouds and weather effects like rain in comparison to smaller effects like contrails, vapour-trails, fuel jettison etc.


If they ever add contrails theyd propably add this too.

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I think this is cool. Laura and (cam?) mentioned it in the livestream that this is is som=etching they want to add

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Also, please add credits to the photo if it’s not yours! Thanks! Would be a really cool feature!

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Good feature but not necessary right now

Bump. This would look pretty awesome.

What’s there to describe 😂 picture literally speaks for itself.

The topic didnt always look that way. This post was probably made when it looked soothing like the image below

Picture still speaks for itself. 😂