I have this visibility when I’m going to land, why?
and when I’m near the track it takes away that visibility, sorry for my English

The game uses real time weather, so I suppose the airport you are landing at has poor visibility at the moment. If you feel like you cannot land at the airport in low visibility, use APPR (if applicable), or divert to another airport


Well, it’s that low of visibility because that’s how it is in real life.

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I get what he is saying… When he is about land all the fog goes away magically and he wants to know what’s the reason of that if weather can’t change that fast in real life.


Oh, thanks bro

Thanks, new things are learned
Se aprenden cosas nuevas ejeje

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The METAR includes visibility and a ceiling. If the visibility is a quarter mile from the field, it will be low viz outside that radius, but clearer inside of it. The closer you are to landing, the better chance you have of being within the visibility radius.


Thanks bro

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