Visibility Won't Change

So I’ve noticed this issue. When I head to any airport with low visibility, it refuses to change as I approach and land at the airport, even though the metar still shows low visibility. This seems to happen a lot. Its never an issue when I’m loading onto an airport with low visibility, only when arriving at one.

Any idea on why is this happening? Attached are some screenshots below.



Have more screenshots if required.

I believe it has something to do with outside temperature, I check that asap on my side.

Edit : This bug has been corrected, it’s something else then.

How does that work? And why does the visibility go down at the same airport at which I load up as opposed to when I land at it. The temps are still the same. I just checked.

Were all these taken during the same flight?

First two screenshots at the same airport. First one is 3.9nm out and the second one after landing. Same flight.

Third one is of a different flight at VABB. 1.5nm out with visibility still not changing.

I have more screenshots of both scenario’s.

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That could be an issue that came with the new update. I suggest you to let your device info (model, software, version of the game…) to make it easier for people who can help.

my English button broke for an instant

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Has this happened more than once?
Happy Flying

Yes. Three times now.

Same airport?

Please read my post. I mentioned it happens at any airport with low visibility. Not just the same airport. I posted two screenshots of two flights as well with metar info or visibility status showing.

Oh sorry my mistake.

How much storage do you have on your device as a starter.

Device: One Plus 6
Space: 128 GB (44% Used)
Android Version: 9 (Pie)
IF Version I have seen this issue in: 19.1 and 19.2
Internet: WiFi (100 Mbps) 4G LTE(15-20 Mbps)

Very odd! Perhaps get staff involved!

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Hey Viren, long time no speak.

Disregard the first version of this…

Do you lose connection to the IF servers quite regularly?

Kind of why I posted here. Will wait for one to go through it and reproduce the issue if possible.


Sorry I could not help.

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Hey Mags. Hope you are doing well.

No random disconnection. Have the whole wifi to myself and using 5GHz Band. Unless its being caused by me tabbing out to another app IF-A or Chrome ( but I doubt it since its only momentarily.

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Give it a go without any exits for third party apps and then let me know the results bud.

Sure. Let me do a small flight from a nearby airport to one with low visibility.

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