Visibility Weather Issue / Gate Rendering Issue (Upon Launching)

Hey, All-

Just wanted to address this with the community after loading into KJFK T4, and noticing two issues.

  1. The gates were consistently not rendering (deleted the app 3 times, each time I deleted the scenery cache, then checked my storage on my phone, and tried adjusting graphic settings.

  2. About 15-30 seconds after loading in the visibility engulfed the whole entire screen, which inhibited my ability to view anything - not even the cockpit interior (refer to image below).

My device is an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I tried the methods I was familiar with, and worked in the past. However, after making these attempts it was unsuccessful.

I would appreciate it if the community could try to limit it to only staff or the moderation team could give me some guidance regarding this query.


Another image for reference:

Hey, AviatorMan, It’s a known issue. At the moment there are no working jet bridges at the airport, besides some of them are missing. This will be fixed at some point in future

And as for the weather, it can sometimes take a few seconds for IF to sync up and display weather conditions after starting your flight. I suspect that you experienced the visibility issue between now and the last few hours. These are the actual weather conditions - the METAR says visibility is 0SM (Statute Miles) and Infinite Flight simply reflects that - that’s just the real-life weather at KJFK.

The next METAR, released at 1032Z, states that the visibility is 1/8SM (which equates to around 200m), so you would have better chances of launching a flight once the METAR comes in effect in IF (usually 30 minutes to an hour after the METAR has been released IRL, so onwards from 1102Z). Just give the weather some time to clear up in real life, and it will in IF soon after, too.

Ironically I flew into JFK at around 10pm EST last night, so I actually was laughing when I saw the conditions because I was going to do a flight later haha. However, the conditions do not get to the point where they hinder the scenery inside the cockpit or cabin.

I do understand what you are explaining though, haha.

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