Visibility should change depending on what time of the day it is

Hello! I am reaching out with a suggestion, I think everyone here is aware that when it is sunrise or sunset, you cannot see as clear as if it was the middle of the day. Yet the visibility will tell you 50km even though it is mostly likely not that case. Does anyone think it would be more realistic if visibility became more dependent on the time of day? Why or why not?


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Infinite Flight’s weather system is an accurate representation of the real weather at the airport in real life. For example, if an airport has gusting winds in the real world, then it will have gusting winds in Infinite Flight and when the wind dies down, it will also in Infinite Flight. This is the same for the visibility in app.

For example, Delhi airport in real life has very low visibility because of the pollution in the air, and this is represented in Infinite Flight.

Whilst it’s harder to see at sunrise and sunset because of the glare of the sun and it usually being darker than midday, it still wouldn’t effect the visibility as the visibility is an accurate representation of the visibility levels at that airport in the real world.

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I have to agree with declan here, and i would like to add the following:

In meteorology visibility measurements tend not to be changed , when lighting is changed, visibility in meteorology means the distance an object or light can be clearly seen regardless of the lighting, whether its sunset , sunrise or even night!!

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