Visibility setting won't work, and search in flight plan.

New android update, lacking these features

Also, using a flight plan creating website, is it possible to copy and paste flight plan in. I think saving flight plans would be a good feature

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Yes it is I currently do that

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Visibility doesn’t work - it’s a known issue and will be changed in a few updates. The visibility will carry over from your last flight on live though, so if you go somewhere with poor visibility, then you will have poor visibility on your next solo flight. Hope this helped!

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Nice one, thanks. . I’m also having issues with flight planning. I copy a plan in , only highlights the 1st one. Then can’t click search box again. Sometimes search box does not select atall. I guess it’s just a bug that will be resolved in next update

That’s because it activates the first leg. If the test of the waypoints are there, you’re fine.

So after flying the 1st leg, then the rest will just appear during the flight. So no set highlighted flight plan before departure ?

I don’t understand. Maybe you can show a picture?

Known issues that will be addressed.


Sorry, didn’t explain well, no, none of the other ones are there, white lines or highlighted pink.

Trying to upload pic now. Some reason can’t

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If I’m not understanding incorrectly, you have a FPL and only the first waypoint is highlighted in pink? That is because it is the first leg. Same as in the old version.

No flight plan. I put the plan into search, but it only finds the first one. Then after that, I can’t use search it at all. Basically, it only finds the first leg, can only file a flight plan by selecting each one individually. Not using search box

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Oh right. As @Brandon_Sandstrom said, it isn’t a known issue and is being looked at.

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Didn’t see anyone else mention this, so thoight I would post. I live in China and needed to use a vpn to access Google play. So I thought could be a downloading issue.

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