Visibility not changing when I move the slider down

Hi all

I don’t have pro. When I moved the slider down to 300 metres the visibility stays the same at 35km. Why is this?


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Try this:

  • Restart Infinite Flight
  • Restart Device
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight

This should help. And please provide us with some more information, OS Version, Device your using.


Firstly check what your temperature is set to and report back

19 degrees. I don’t think that has anything to do with visibility though…

iPhone X on iOS 12 beta 5 with the latest IF version.

Drop it to 15 see what happens

Yes it actually does, if you change it to 0 than see what happens

Did you tried the steps?

It’s definitely the temperature… just play around with it and it should work

Okay that’s odd, I’ll try it. Thanks!

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As far as I know, IF is Not supported on iOS 12, and therefore, things like this may happen.