Visibility not adjustable

So I don’t know if the devs are aware of this, but I just had a bug, that I couldn’t adjust my visibility in the replay mode. I could make it higher, but the lowest I could adjust it to was the visibility I last had online. I fixed it by going into a new solo flight. By adjusting the visibility there, I was then able to adjust it like usual.
I know it’s not severe, especially because I fixed it, but maybe the devs could look into it to prevent it from happening. Thanks

You can NOT Adjust the visibility Online

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Breh you can’t adjust you weather online so it’s not really a bug.

I was talking about the replay mode, and there is should work for flights from both modes…

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Close the app, and then restart your device, let me know if it works.

I tried that, as I said the only working thing was to start a new solo flight and by adjusting the visibility there, I could then again change it normally.

Restarting devices are not always the solution, this is probably a internal IF issue.

I know, but I had the same issue, so I restarted my device and it worked.

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