Visibility misrepresentation

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Version Information:

20.2 (468)

Device Information:

Samsung Note10+
Android 10


Visibility misrepresented in game (compared airport METAR in game)

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start flight (KICT) on live server
  • select visibility in bottom bar
  • Airport metar says 1/2SM and that is reinforced my bottom bar (0.81KM)
  • in game, visibility does not seem to be 0.81KM, in the photo, straight ahead, those airport green beacon lights are a good 5SM and 20SM away from my current position

Expected results:

Fly some cool low visibility approaches

Actual results:

Not low visibility, leaving me confused

More Information

Red is visibility, orange are the beacon lights

Happened again at KEMP (0.40KM)

What it actually looks like in this area right now

Any info about this issue is appreciated 🙂

Still having this issue…

If you see this happen again:

  • Send a picture of nearby airports (on the map)
  • Send a picture of all nearby metars