Visibility issue

I have an issue with the Visibility of the sim.

Im currently sat in Calagary where the indicated Visibility is 0SM. However as you can see by the attached images, i can see for miles and miles and miles. Device is a Pixel 6 Pro.

Also experienced this when wanted to practice with low visibility landings

A patch is coming fixing another visibility issue.
Hopefully it fixes this issue as well.

I just checked and it’s not fixed yet.
Bringing it up in Beta now.

It looks like that there is a workaround.

When you spawn in on an online server and the weather isn’t reflected, you can end the flight, spawn at the same location in SOLO and see the correct weather.
When you end the flight and spawn at the same location on the online server, the weather should be reflected correctly.

Hope this helps.

Il try that. Thanks

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