Visibility is VFR when it should be IFR

Hello. When I Landed in KBOI just now it was showing VFR weather when according to the METAR it should be IFR. picture and METAR below. I just looked at the titles of the previous topics so if this is a duplicate sorry

KBOI 270401Z 00000KT 1/4SM R10R/3000VP6000FT FG VV001 00/M01 A3013 RMK AO2 T00001006

And ignore the fact it’s day time. I had changed the time.


1/4 SM is really low.

I’d say anywhere where the airport dot is red. When light blue, be hazardous

Can you explain how that relates to the problem? I am not trying to be rude just trying to connect the pieces.

@TylerShah, are you saying the visibility wasn’t the same as what the METAR said?

That’s correct from my understanding it should basically be white out. And that’s why I flew here in the first place

ohhh, I had thought this was a question, not an issue haha

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When was the screenshot taken? (I know about the METAR)

I don’t think the METAR updates in realtime, but the visibility does, so the METAR could be showing a visibility from like 30 minutes before the picture was taken

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Like 10 minutes after the updated METAR

Yep, Since the METAR was published approximately 40 minutes ago, there was fog at that time, it’s cleared since then. Look at too

What do you mean it’s cleared since then?

The fog has rolled out, no more fog :)

Looking at that and another source it shows it still there. Unless you’re there and looking outside.

Check this difference from 9PM to 10PM PST

He’s saying the METAR was current as of 40 minutes ago from the time of my post now (0401Z), so the fog that was reported in the METAR might have not been present when you landed (25 minutes since publishing)

However, correct me if I’m wrong, IF changes visibility based on the latest METAR it’s pulled, right? So even if the fog rolled away IRL, IF would still replicate the conditions from the last received METAR and still should have low vis present?

The problem still stands imo.

Weather apps might not be accurate to the airport itself- here’s the two latest METARs from KBOI-

Conditions were still reported as IFR at 0428 (19 minutes ago from this reply). No new METARs have been issued since.

IF pulls weather data for surface airport conditions solely from FAA METARs if I’m not mistaken, so Apple weather and google searches won’t reflect in-app.

I know weather apps are off. I was just showing something that contradicts what Kamryn was saying.

I’m stumped then. You have a green check mark in the top right of your screen so it seems like connection isn’t an issue. I’ll sit back and wait for someone with more knowledge of what this could be then to help out. Low vis should be present for sure.

It started to be IFR but never went down it went to VFR.

Haha me too