Visibility changes drastically

Hey Guys
So this is a bug in the Visibility

The Bug Description
So KMIA is 1SM
A pic Of KMIA after Takingoff
Then after a while i am Flying in a place where it havs a visibiltiy of 10SM and KMIA is Still 1SM, but it is Clear as if there is no Fog at KMIA

Only Happens in Live

Info:- Device Note 5 N920C 6.0.1
787 Update

Thats all

Ps:- I dont know where to plop this
#General Or #support or #Live ?

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Because KMIA has 1SM of visibility and where you’re flying it has 10SM of visibility.

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So why KMIA is Visible?

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KMIA is with fog, but as soon as you move away from there, the fog goes away, its how the weather works.

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Nop.the Fog stay there, IRL KMIA Wont Appear

Experience the same issue.
iOS 10.0 Developer Beta 4
Version 16.06.0
iPhone 6s

This isn’t generally an issue. There are isolated storms in the Gulf of Mexico, especially Florida. You probably went from a stormy area, to an area where the storms haven’t reached to yet:


@R_Jordanian @Zachary_Meir_Tish I hope this helps :)


This is not an issue. IF weather is based on METAR, so it shifts rapidly as you enter different airspaces.


Hence, the radar above ;)

Wish Someone Understands Me -___-

@Patrick_U sorry not really related to topic KMIA was Example😀

How would KMIA Appear if its covered with fog? 😉

@Mark_Denton so when you fly from a high visibility Airport to a Low Visibiltiy airport In real Life that it is 8-9NM far do you see the Airport?

Yes you do. It sets constant weather for you for the whole region until you enter a new airspace.

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If you use KMIA as an example, of course it’ll happen. Once again, isolated storms in Florida. Where else does this happen?

So lets say that for Example In real Life i want to land in X Airport which have 1SM visibility and i am 5NM away from the Airport which have(the Point where i am) 10SM, how Can you see the Airport?.

KMIA’s METAR still saying that the Airport visibility is 1SM the Problem is not here, read the Above Post.

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Well, this seems logical because the visibility is less out of KMIA. You can see KMIA, but Tower can’t see you.

With the Quality of 10SM? IRL?


Patrick nailed the answer, you left to another airspace where visibility is 10SM .


Yes. Imagine you and a friend inside a room of fog, your friend is in the denser fog, so he or she can’t see you. But, you can see them since your in a less dense amount of fog :)

It´s not hard.
You depart KMIAs airspace, with very low visibility. You go to another airspace, where the METARs say something different. Therefore your visibility change.


My theory is that there aren’t clods implemented. So as your taxing out to the runway @ MIA It’s super foggy. Then as you depart you climb pass the clouds and it’s nice as sunny.

I think once clouds are implemented this probably will change.