Visibility bug

I spawned in at Zurich where apparently the visibility is at 0.20 km however when I spawn there doesn’t seem to be low visibility.

Notice where it says the visibility in the bottom panel.


Same issue here, weird.


Same thing for me

So… any reason why this is happening?

I had this in beta a few times. What is the METAR for the airport?

Hmm. I was controlling during the time you were there, and my visibility was definitely 0.20km. I could hardly see a thing. 😅


Oh, alright. That’s weird. It was all clear for me, felt like I had at least 25-30 kilometers of visibility.

Somewhat similar at Geneva. Just landed there, was expecting 0.2km, but I could see the runway lights all the way down on final, it was more like 5-6km visibility.
Strange, because other times the new visibility solution in 20.2 works very well…

Can @schyllberg or another staff member please shed some light on this issue?

I had the exact same issue

I believe this is a known issue

It’s a known issue that was going to be fixed in 20.2…

And maybe it hasen’t…

The IF team need to look into it

I thought 20.2 was going to fix fog issues, can a mod/dev help please?

I have the same issue

I am not sure

But I believe that IF updates there weather every hour, so if the vis decreases fast, the weather in the sim will not change until around 1 hour correct me if I am wrong

That maybe the case but there was a topic 6-7 hours before this post about this exact issue at LSZH.

@schyllberg any idea why this is happening? Sorry for the tag, but seems like a weird issue.

Tagging staff multiple times will not make them reply any sooner. They will reply when they are able, keep in mind it is the weekend and a holiday one at that for some.

With that being said they are looking into it.


Maybe it can be on your end as I went into a low visibility area and it was low.

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