Visibility bug?

Hey I was just fooling around in solo with the visibility at 100m, and I noticed the fog somehow is inside the aircraft itself? Yes I have cleaned scenery cache. I have restarted Infinite Flight and my iPad as well. This isn’t major but I think this should be noted imo.
Device: 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”
IF Version: 18.4.6793.39172

Not happening on my end

Strange. Are you on the exact same version? Or perhaps it is device based.

It is even worse on the ground:

This has been noted before but so far no solutions. I suggest keeping your visibility and temperature in a higher place to avoid this until the DEVS can fix this. If you are flying, you should climb above the fog as soon as possible.

Anything above 20 degrees would be good.

The glitch is only happening in the A320 family and the CRJs. No other aircraft are affected.

In the topic I linked above, it was in the CRJ-200 so maybe this is a bug. Try keeping the temperature high for now.

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Yeah true. This can be closed by a mod if they think no further intervention is needed.

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