Visibility and airport scenery glitches

So, I have been using infinite flight today. The game loads up as usual and then I jump into a flight. Usually I like adjusting the weather in solo mode. But after turning the visibility down from 50km to 4km, I saw no change. Then I waited for 10 mins, still no change. After that I turned it down to 100m to see if it was working. Again no change. The rest of the weather functions work just the visibility

Another thing happened to me,
I was on approach at Chicago (KORD). I was around 2 to 3 miles out and then the whole airport disappeared. I have got footage of it happening. Only the satellite image is showing.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0 (Oreo)
4GB Ram
Exynos 8890 Processor

Any advice for this?

Some more screenshots

Have you tried clear scenery cache?

Settings> General> scroll to the bottom> clear scenery cache.

Here is the airport map

I have done it multiple times. I don’t do it all the time because it increases the loading time

If you have cleared the scenery cache multiple times and it still didn’t change, then reinstall the app and see if it fixes the issue.


Yeah I’ll try to doing that

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I just reinstalled the app. The scenery seems to work but the visibility is still not working

What do you mean by the visibility isn’t working?

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I think that visibility would constitute as fog. Try lowering your weather temperature and it should work.

Good luck!

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Maybe check the settings and put graphics quality to high, if that doesn’t work maybe your device maybe not be powerful enough to reach high settings. if you need more help feel free to ask

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Gents, give the OP chance to come back before jumping on this. I’ve asked the question for a reason.


What I mean is that the distance that you can see. Like a fog, it lowers your visibility

My device is powerful enough. Everything is on max settings

Could you please try setting the temperature to 11° Celsius and see if it works after doing that?

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The fog doesn’t effect you at high level, we do not have clouds in the app just yet and as such we don’t receive a lower visibility rate

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I know this problem. In the cockpit view you can see the actual temperature then go to the weather settings and go down to the visibility you want to have and set the temperature to your actual temperature. After that it should work

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Yeah I already know that. I found out what actually happened

That helped a lot for getting the perfect conditions

Thank you so much!! This helped a lot. The visibility doesn’t work at 11 degrees Celsius. It works at 4 or below. I have discovered another glitch thing. It’s a fault. So infinite flights visibility algorithm is weird. The higher the temperature the lower the fog is. So I put the temp at 4 degrees and visibility at 100m. Outcome? Some fog sitting right at the ground.