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I’m too busy to join another VA, but the amount of Clear effort this has is incredible! Nice job Porter team.

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@Pajd02 @GreenFire thank you so much for the words! It truly means the world to us here at PDVA


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🎉 Spooktober!

Some of you veteran IFC members would’ve remembered when we switched our website theme to black and orange to celebrate Halloween back in 2018, and we’re doing it once more in 2020! As a result, we’ll be posting some special offers soon for our pilots too. It’s been 2 weeks since we posted on the IFC, but don’t worry - we’re still active and in operations! Over these past 14 days, we’ve crowned @Q4simdred as our member of the month (MOTM) for his outstanding contributions to our community in terms of flying and additional help. He’s helped us tremendously with our #dash magazine, and is always looking for errors and mistakes within our community platforms to help us improve and be the best version of ourselves possible. We’ve also secured interline agreements with Qatar Virtual, meaning our pilots can now connect from both Washington D.C and Montréal to Doha! This widens our fleet and route network to not just Canada and the Q400, but to distant regions of the world too. As for other events ongoing, our seasonal AvPro competition is now in the penultimate round…

We are VirtualPorter. That means we are unaffiliated with the real world organisation. Visit for the real world airline.


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🎉 Q4simdred’s YouTube channel!

Perhaps you may have heard, but there’s a new Q400 YouTuber in town…that’s right, it’s @Q4simdred! Our awesome member has created an entire YT channel dedicated to showing off the world of Dash-8 operations, offering to create videos in collaboration with us too. His latest video, which details on pre-flight to taxi in this airframe, can be viewed if you click right here. It’s available on our YT channel’s ‘Q400 operations’ playlist, and soon to be on our YTZ lounge image on the website. It would mean the world to him and us if you support his channel by leaving a like and subscribing, as he definitely has a lot more in store…as for other updates, there isn’t much to say as of now, so keep on soaring the skies and happy flying!

We are VirtualPorter. That means we are unaffiliated with the real world organisation. Visit for the real world airline.


Thanks a lot guys! Really do appreciate that the support you’ve given me. If you (yes you!) haven’t joined PDVA yet, you should be ashamed of yourself lol! Trust me, the community is 💯 the fleet is 💯 the hub is 💯 and the routes are 💯!!!


True words have never been spoken.


Thank u guys for the kind words! We’re always striving for improvement, and learning from our errors along the way.