Either VirtualHub isn’t working for me or I’m not using it right but when I open it and try to look at charts or runways or gates or anything it says Loading and stays like that forever. Any advice?

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Same issue on my end. For the larger airports, you can zoom in on the map and see the terminal/taxiway/runway layout.

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Virtual hub shouldn’t have any problems at the moment. I myself have it and it is working fine. What is the exact issue you are having?

It opens and works just fine but if I want to look at specifics like runways and gates it says loading and stays like that but I can do anything else like look at different airports and file flight plans

Lemme guess, it just says

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So I just went into virtual hub and it worked completely fine. There was no loading for airport runway maps.
The virtual hub devs are fixing or changing that airport
Your internet connection may be off/struggling to connect

can i please have the website?

@Gaming_sniper It is an app

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Yup just like that

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Yeah that’s been happening to me for like a week

Same since I got the app about 3 days ago

Hapens on and of for me…quit annoying!

I’ve got the same problem

Yep, got it too. I wanted to open the METAR for LYBE earlier but it didn’t load at all.

I just installed it on an old device I didn’t use. When I tap on the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” and then tap on Next, it says the app crashed for some reason.

For now

I’m aware of this issue and I am currently working on a fix. Can’t give an ETA at the moment but it should be fixed soon

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what is this virtual hub?

I have pushed an update to the Play Store but with the current coronavirus situation, it might take longer than usual to get reviewed and published.

So I just went in on my phone (I use IF on my iPad) and it was working perfectly. Maybe heavy server traffic before idk what could’ve happened but yeah it’s alright now I think

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